Today see’s the release of The Silent Committee remix album, ‘Ocean Rose’.
It is available to download for free from The Bandcamp site.

The album features remix versions of a number of songs taken from the committee’s 2nd album, ‘Staring At The Sea’.

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1. Staring At The Sea (Anthing remix)
2. Promise (Ketsa remix)
3. Rose (Hadrocodium Wui remix)
4. Colours (Revontuli remix)
5. Softly To Sleep
6. Descent (Seraph remix)
7. Rose…Of Sigmund Is Fraud
8. Colours (Mike Goff remix)
9. Rose (Vigestol‘s Music Box mix)
10. Staring At The Sea (Reprise)

Many thanks to all the artists who’ve remixed the songs and allowed them to feature on this album.
Also a big thanks to BFW Recordings for the releasing the original album and for starting off the remix project that made this possible.
Check out more mixes of other BFW artists at

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Original versions of all these songs appear on the free to download album ‘Staring At The Sea’, released by BFW Recordings.

Chris F.