Christmas is here again!!! Joy to the world and all that…

…anyway. BFW Recordings have put together an alternative christmas compilation album featuring a number of the labels artists and friends.

I have contributed to two of the songs of this record. As The Silent Committee I perform the song ‘Snowfall’ (video posted in the previous blog). Also I provide the instrumentation and backing vocals to Mr. Ghost’ song ‘The Contortionists Christmas’.

As always with BFW Recordings, the album is yours to own for FREE!

1. Oneiro – Christmas Time Is Here
2. Meteer – Hearken! (Outside Bethlehem)
3. Rogue Spore – Yultide Gadget Overload
4. Poodleplay Arkestra – Christmas Morning 1979
5. Hadrocodium Wui – Here Again
6. Cousin Silas – December On The Dunes
7. Bing Satellites – Before Dawn
8. SineRider – Vetur
9. Eko_fisk – Merseyway 241270
10. Anthing – Talvilaulu
11 The Silent Committee – Snowfall
12. Mr. Ghost – The Contortionist’s Christmas