So, it’s the start of the holiday season…

Jimtom Say has started off December on his website by sharing a couple of lo-fi rehearsal recordings we made back in the summer. Hopefully we’ll get back out there and do some more performances, as some of the gigs we had this summer have by far been my favourite musical experiences.

**Notes on these recordings
I can’t be sure exactly when this was recorded, probably around late July 2011, in the upstairs room of the Northampton Labour Club. It was recorded to a c90 cassette that had something on it before, and was recorded via a single stereo mic located on the floor in the back corner of the room, immediately behind Jimtom.

Jimtom Keith Thomas James – Voice, lyrics, bohran
Chris Pepper – Bass guitar
Steve Hunter – Electirc guitar
Mike Goff – Acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Chris ‘Steve’ Fordham – Drums