Happy New Year everyone!

We’ve made it to 2012 and the whole host of potential it brings. I for one am going to try and make the best of it and be a lot more creative than in recent years. Towards the end of last year I was working on a number of new tunes, all at various stages of completion. The 3rd Silent Committee album was looking good. The new acoustic projects ep was getting there. Then my laptop died and possibly took all of that work with it. In some ways not a terrible thing, it means I get to do it all again with fresh ears and better outlook on it all. I’m not angry (much).

Anyway. The big 2012 plan.

New Committee album.

Lots of gigs with Enki and Snakeman 3.

Progress on the next To Bury A Ghost project.

Violet’s EP.

A bit of production hopefully.

Await the end of the world (possibly – don’t worry only joking/covering all bases). It’s been fun in any event.

So, in conclusion.
I hope you have a wonderful year, I’m going to be busying myself with ^that lot, but I’m still going to be about to say hi from time to time, and hope we do.