For those reading this who know me, or who have followed my music exploits over the past few years: you will know about how much I’ve wanted to create a soundtrack for something. I’ve already completed three short film soundtracks (my brothers films ‘Enclosed State‘ & ‘Distance‘, and Katy Roberts’ ‘Romance Is Dead’). But now another opportunity has come by, and it’s something different again.

Last night I received an out of the blue email about whether I’d be interested in being musical director for a local theatre groups forthcoming production of Arabian Nights. My answer was, absolutely! Today I met up with the plays director, Tamsyn Payne, to talk through a basic outline of how the play is going to be staged and what she’s looking for in the music for it. Now I’m armed with a script and a sketch of how its all planned to take place, work begins on writing some accompanying music for it. Exciting times.

There is already a website page for the performance with basic details on it, and info on auditions if you are interested in taking part yourself.