I’ve been very fortunate to work with BFW Recordings on a number of interesting projects over the last 3 years and release my music through them. One of my favourite compilations that they release is the “Album In A Day” series. Volume 4 is fast approaching and they need musicians to take part! It’s a hugely rewarding experience, the challenge has helped me come up with some interesting tunes. I highly recommend taking part.


From BFWRecordings.com

Album In A Day volume 4 –
7th April 2012

Yes, we’re going to do this all again!

Following the overwhelming success of the previous three volumes of Album In A Day, it seemed right to do this once again.

So, on a Saturday 7th April 2012, musicians from around the world will each write and record a completely new song from start to finish in one day – the same day!

The next day, these songs will be collected and put together as an album.

The day after that, Monday 9th April 2012, the album will be released by BFW recordings as a free download.

How to take part

We are looking for musicians to take part – any genre that you think we would release and more.

All you have to do is write and and record a completely new song on Saturday 7th April 2012. We’re talking the whole 24 hours – midnight to midnight in your own timezone.

Once you have finished your song (please make sure it is finished), send a wav or 320kbps mp3 to bfwrecordings@gmail.com as soon as possible.

If your song has lyrics, feel free to send them over too and we will include them on the album cover art.
Please feel free to include any artwork also completely created on that day. Photographs of each musician recording their song might be nice too.

Make clear your artist name and song title and include your website so we can put that on the cover.

No more than 17MB of attachments per email. If you need to send more, use sendspace or something similar.

All songs and artwork must be by yourself with no unauthorised samples.

The cut off for submissions is 12 midday BST (UK time) on Sunday 8th April. This gives musicians farthest West (say, Hawaii) time to finish and upload their song.

Submitting a song does not automatically mean inclusion on the album, though we will let you know this as soon as possible.

Album In A Day volume 4 will become available on this very web page at some point on Monday 9th April 2012.

We hope you can take part or look forward to hearing the results.
Please feel free to spread the word.

Until then, you can check out Album In A Day volume 1, Album In A Day volume 2 and Album In A Day volume 3.