I managed to survive both gigs this weekend!

Hackney Trashbar with the Snakeman 3 on Friday was an amazing night. A mini-bus full of us left Northampton, singing and drinking our way to the capitol and buying overpriced services sandwiches  en-route. At the venue we properly smashed the place up with our set and continued to prove we can out-punk anyone.

Enki at the Labour club last night was something else too. Following on from the shoegaze dj-ing of Luke Bailey and the soulful support act Katmandu, we took to trying out our newer versions of Enki hits and some new bits too. A stage invasion, an amp explosion and some improvised song and poetry with Jimtom Say made the evening one to remember.

Hoping to get hold of photos from both gigs as soon as! In the meantime here’s one of the Snakeman 3 on stage at the Trashbar.