It won’t happen again! (I said that before)
Completely lost track of what I’ve been posting on here. Been busy with life stuff.

Have some pictures. More, real, proper, filtered news coming soon!

We found another picture from the Jubilee gig…

The Snakeman 3 also made an appearance at the Twinfest final night at The Charles Bradlaugh. Taking to the stage at midnight…was awesome!

The next day, I went to Paris with Becky for 3 days, did all the usual sight seeing stuff, left a padlock on the Pont des arts to symbolise our lasting love, had a great time.

After returning to town we had another Snakeman 3 gig booked which was last night…too late to plug it I know, but it hada cool poster so I’ll share that now.

So in conclusion. I’m back to blogging and I promise to be good and keep it going. There will be quite a bit of news coming up soon.
I’m off to a first band practice now with the Hannah Faulkner group. Should be interesting.
See y’all!