I didn’t stop last year. Stuff did happen after the Robyn Wilson EP launch. There were a number of gigs with a number of peoples…including Hannah Faulkners band, a bried reincarnation of Enki, I attempted some poetry and The Snakeman 3 sorted shit out and we did a gig with yet another new lineup! There were a couple of remixes: 1 was released, 2 were not but live on in my iPod. I’ve taken up art. There were a few demos also. But that was all so last year. No back tracking allowed – if you desperately want to see them, talk to me! (or alternatively check out my Instagram feed – it remembers stuff for me (instagram.com/chrisfordhammusic).

Blog starts again in earnest from today. Post #1 will be about the gig The Snakeman did on Saturday.