Quick news round update and some photos.

I’ve been quiet with music again because I’ve become a dad again! On July 4th we welcomed Evie into the world, and she is a delight.

It does not excuse me however from keeping you, my reader, in the dark. Instagram snaps and tweeters only go so far…where’s the story! Are you making any sound Chris??!? The answer is sort of. Plenty of notes struck, strummed, picked and plonked. Some lyrics taking shape. I’m quite enjoying playing the Ukulele. I also built an Erhu that I can’t yet play.

Anyway…I last spoke after a Snakeman gig with A Glurk Trolling. Since then…

There has been a lot of this kind of thing.


The Snakeman 3 played a bank holiday at a local pub, supporting the fantastic Jackal Nine3

We then played at the Delapre beer festival in May.


May/June kind of time I finished some projects – building a 3/4 electric guitar out of a Tiesco satellite body and Jedson neck – also opting to use an unconventional p90 pickup – it sounds ok… I also constrcuted from scratch a Chinese Violin (or Erhu) for a grand total of £5 and 2 hours of my time of. There have also been numerous father/son improv jams.


My final gig with Snakeman 3 before Evie was born took place at The Northampton leg of The Willow Festival  – the rain killed the festival sadly but we still had a blast and good crowd in the tent.


Last bit of news catch up for now…welcome Evelyn Fordham



Now Then!

Things are calming down at home. So I have a few plans…

2 solo gigs booked –

Umbrella Fair acoustic stage on August 20th @ 1:30

The Black Prince on October 27th @20 hundred hours.



Also as of Sunday 31st of July I will be sharing 1 new Silent Committee demo a week via soundcloud. They’ll go online sometime on each Sunday evening replacing the previous weeks track – they are demos, the recording techniques vary. I thought I would like you to hear that I haven’t just given up completely, yet.

Peas and love, say no to slugs. etc etc. I WAS, I am.