Happy new year!

2017 has been cool. I finally feel like I’ve got my creative energies back in action. There has been lots of painting, lots of songwriting and lots and lots of novel writing! There has been some sadness at parting ways with The Snakeman 3. There have been some promising music opportunities that amounted to nothing also. But I’m not deterred. In fact, this is the most positive end of year I remember for an age.

Entering 2018 I will be starting a year bandless for the first time in nearly 10 years! But there are plans afoot. Due to the inspirational spark provided by an offer of presenting my work on vinyl, I’ve been working quietly on an ep since September. The songs are pretty much decided, I can press four songs but will record more. The results are going to be available for download shortly after – aiming for spring. I may play the songs live around then too to but am deciding whether that’s a band endevour or solo, we’ll see…

Novel writing is under way. NaNoWriMo got me started on using my degree again. The 50,000+ word novella produced from that was an exercise in wordsmithery and an exorcism of some stories that I had always failed to get off the ground. As such that one will not be available to read for the forseeable future but I will never say never. Novel number 2 is a different animal and is being written with an intention for release.

Art! My god I like painting. I always have but I’ve only just discovered how to enjoy it. Another challenge project got me invigorated with this passtime again. 100 Layers of Paint is worth a try for anyone. More scribbles, doodles and paint splashes coming your way next year.

The usual social media channels remain open into 2018. Twitter: @chrisfordham Instagram: chrisfordhammusic Soundcloud: chrisfordhammusic

Please stop by, comment, chat, whatever.



Hope all your new years are wonderful and productive.

Chris F