Hello. Hello. Hello! Yet again this website has been neglected. If you’re still subscribed and then actually go on to read this…thankyou! I hope things are all well with you.

Stuff has happened since May 2018. I promise.

A brief summary:

I played 1 gig with The Snakeman 3.

The Silent Committee released a new EP called Imperfect Machines in November 2019

I put out a song for Piano Day in March 2020 entitled A Living Sea Of Waking Dreams

Violet’s Gone released an EP entitled ‘Maybrain’ that was recorded during a 7 day session for weeklyep.com podcast along with an accompanying interview about the songwriting process and other things.

That’s about it music wise….been writing and recording lots. Bits of artwork happening here and there two. The next thing to finish is the promised Violet’s Gone II ep/lp. Hoping for this Autumn depending on whether I can get anywhere to record drums in the near future. Also a new “band”.

If Coronavirus doesn’t fook it up there may be a pair of gigs in August that were booked but things are looking uncertain.

Expect a more up to date blog from today!