Enki are a stalwart of the Northampton music scene. They formed in the early 2000’s and have played gigs all over the county and further afield. After the recording of their debut self-titled EP the band received quite a bit of attention, but unfortunately changes in the band dynamic and the eventual parting of ways of some members halted their progress.

Around March of 2009, I was watching a gig at local music venue, The Labour Club, when I spotted a poster that read along the lines – Bass player needed, must be cool with playing 7 minute songs with only one chord – then a list of influences such as Flaming Lips, Spiritualised, Radiohead. With an advert like that and myself being without a band at the time, I was of course interested.

During the first couple of band practices I really got into the songs and greatly enjoyed writing new bass parts with them. After 2 months or so I had my 1st gig with them at the same club I saw their advert. Over the following years we’ve played pubs and clubs all over the county, various outdoor festivals, travelled to play shows in London & Liverpool.

Enki are currently working on recording new material, self-producing a new ep for 2012. We’ll be continuing to write our genre defying material and performing with our usual energy.

Following several relocations of band members, work on the Enki project has reached a virtual standstill. We attempted to recrod a live session in May 2013,  but with little success.


Mike Goff – Vocals, guitar, synth, percussion

Thomas Nightingale – Guitar, backing vocals

Steve Hunter – Guitar, backing vocals, synth, bass

Luke Bailey – Guitar, synth, percussion

Chris Fordham – Bass guitar, percussion, synth, guitar, backing vocals

Sam Wade – Drums, percussion

Levi Fall, Olivia Fall, Kat Es – The Enki Singers

Former/Forever Enki

Owen Copps – Drums, percussion