I’ve always had an interest in movie soundtracks. Some of my favourite instrumental and vocal songs serve as the backdrop to films, and it’s an area of music I’d love to explore more. The Silent Committee started out as an idea to provide interlude music for films that didn’t exist, it later became of interest to put the music to some actual use. In reviews of my music as the committee, my instrumental sounds had drawn comparisons to works by Jon Brion, Ennio Morricone, Vangelis and the soundtracks of David Lynch films.

To date I’ve provided three original soundtracks, comprised of tracks written specifically for short films by independant and student film-makers. These were entirely written and performed solo with a more electronic edge to them, but since my involvement with the the Northamptonshire Composers Association, I have the opportunity to work with string sections and create real cinematic style scores for future projects, something I’m greatly interested in attempting.


I am currently forming plans and talking to collaborate with a few different independant directors, and provide music for creative projects in 2012.


For more info on providing music for TV/Film/Media email: chrisfordhammusic@yahoo.co.uk



‘Enclosed State’; directed by Nigel Fordham/LWL Productions (UK)

‘Distance’; directed by Nigel Fordham/LWL Productions (UK)

‘Romance Is Dead’; directed by Katy Roberts