I occasionally show up on other peoples records or in backing bands live…to date, I’ve recorded sessions as a bass player, guitarist, keyboard player, percussionist and once even as a violinist!

I’m also interested in producing work. So far I’ve worked on demo projects with Browneproject, Hannah Faulkner, Sarah Turrell, Kismet Hardy, Mr Ghost, and Vicky Stuart. My role in these projects was to arrange the songs for recording, the artists presented me with their tunes and I reworked their structures and instrumental arrangement. As demos, they were just recorded on a simple home computer studio setup, although I am confident working with a variety of software and hardware and adapt to new working environments easily. Examples of my work so far can be found here: http://soundcloud.com/chrisfordhamproduction

If you’re interested in having me produce a recording or project contact me on chrisfordhammusic@yahoo.co.uk

The same email address applies for session playing. I play bass, guitar, piano, harmonium, vocals, mandolin, 6-string banjo, autoharp, glockenspiel, melodica, cajon, percussion, drums, and can also write string arrangements.

For a full list of session recordings and production credits, click here