Dave Clemo – Covered     (Album: bass)

Dan Higgins Band – Cambridge Demo (4 songs: bass, bowed bass, lead guitar, keyboard)

Doubleshot – MySpace demos     (6 songs: bass)


The 5-2-800’s – Demo     (3 songs: bass, guitar, keyboards)

Benny For Now – Rehearsal Tape (guitar, effects, backing vocals)

Leni Ward – Acoustic sessions video (Recordings believed lost…) (acoustic guitar, toy piano, zither ,backing vocals)

Left Hand Band – 13/07/2008 (Song: drum programming, fretless bass, guitar effects + co-writer, mix, master)

Gutless Plump – Plum     (DJ Album: recording engineer)


Chris Browne (Browneproject) – 169     (Album: bass, keyboard)

Wild Grace – ‘Face The Music’     (Song: bass)

Thomas Nightingale – ‘Little Song’     (Song: bongos, bass + recording engineer, mix, master, production)

Vicky Stuart – ‘Never Going Home Again (uni demo)’     (Song: keyboards, string arrangement + recording engineer, mix, master, production)


Sarah Turrell – Summer Dreams     (Album: bass, percussion)

Mr Ghost – Dead Leter Office     (Album: guitar, banjo, keyboard, percussion, backing vocal + recording engineer, mix, master, production)

Citizen Droid – ‘London’ (Unfinished demo) (mix, master, keyboard, bass)

Stuart Folwell – White Ark Demo (Unfinished demo songs) (2 songs: bass, bowed bass)

Sarah Turrell – ‘What You’ve Done To Me’     (Song: keyboard, engineer, mix, master)

Sarah Turrell – ‘Tonight’     (Song: all instruments + co-writer, engineer, mix, master)

Paperclip Mammal – ‘Trust Yourself’  (Song: lyricist, all vocals)

Mr Ghost – ‘Contortionist’s Christmas’     (Song: all instruments, 2nd vocal + co-writer, recording engineer, production, mix, master)


Benjamin Johnson – ‘In The City’     (Song: piano)

Gregg Cave/Enki/Kismet Hardy – Folk In The Afternoon: Mad March Hare Session 12/03/2011     (live album: recording engineer)

Chris Browne (Browneproject) – Looking Forth (4 songs: ‘Molly’, ‘Not In Service’, ‘Ghost Town’, ‘Lonely View’: producer, mix, master + bass, guitar, keyboards, drum programming, percussion, backing vocals)

Hannah Faulkner – ‘Baby It’s Over Tonight’ (Demo) (1 song: engineer, mix, master, production, all instruments, backing vocals)

Kismet Hardy – EP (EP: engineer, mix, master, production + additional percussion, mandolin, violin, backing vocals)

Silver Stereo – Demo (still working on this!)     (2 songs: recording engineer, production, mix, master)

Kevin O’Regan Band/Aisha Daisy/Jimtom Say? – Folk In The Afternoon September 2011     (live album: recording engineer)

Katie Paton/Kenny Gibbons/Vickii Stocker – Folk In The Afternoon October 2011     (live album: recording engineer)

Violet’s Gone/Gregg Cave/Aisha Daisy/King’s Gambit – Folk In The Afternoon Finale/December 2011 (live album: recording engineer)