In September 2011, I took on the role of bass player in the Northampton garage rock band The Snakeman 3. My stint with the band came to a close in Match of 2017.

In my time with the band we played up and down the country and even ventured across the channel to Poutier in France. We recorded one full length album live to reel to reel tape (We’re Better Than You). And one ultra rare live cd/mini disc.
For more info on what the band is up to now, head to:

The band played a FINAL gig on 25/05/2018, ending an 18 year run. Chris played bass on this final gig too.


The Snakeman 3

Kenton Precious/’D’Agent Snakeman’ – Vocals, electric guitar

Stuart Hunter/’Snake Hunter’ – Drums, percussion, backing vocals

Chris Fordham/’Dr SnakeLove’ – Bass guitar, backing vocals, percussion

Bee Precious – Guitar, backing vocals


Former/Forever Snakeman 3 members

Lionel Williams – Bass guitar, backing vocals

Amanda Augustine/’Snake girl’ – Vocals, percussion

Katie Paton/’Paton Snake’ – Vocals, percussion

Kirsty Wilkins/’Snakette’ – Vocals, percussion

Alan Lynn/’Rattle Snake’ – Percussion, backing vocals

Gregg Cave/’Cave Snake’ – 2nd guitar, backing vocals, percussion