I’ve been learning to play the guitar since 2003 (you never truly finish learning). As soon as I started picking up chords, I began improvising chord patterns and started turning them into songs. Over the years I have appeared in various band lineups playing rock’n’roll, blues, country, folk, indie, psychadelic, post-rock industrial…anything I could get involved in. Along the way I’ve learnt new instruments and new techniques. Through listening to my favourite artists and watching groups play live I’ve picked up songwriting ideas and production tips.

I now play (to varying extents): bass, guitar, piano, mandolin, drums, harmonium, harmonica, melodica, percussion, vocals. I attempt the violin, viola and cello on occasions too.

To date I’ve released 2 eps and sporadically thrown out free download tunes through various social media platforms.
I’m currently working on different solo and band projects. Although a Chris Fordham album or EP may not appear, I will still be solo in some way or an other. 2017 sees the true start of ‘Violet’s Gone’ a kind of solo band project (if that makes any sense)