I apologise profusely, for not updating you on my every action since Februray.

I clicked on my site and realised the last thing I told you all about was a gig that eventually got cancelled anyway…
So here’s what I’ve been up to!

I’ve played two gigs with Hannah Faulkners band since then. Both just little, local acoustic sets.
I recorded a tune in London with Mike from Enki. Audio and session photos below the news…
I’m rehearsing with a singer, Robyn Wilson, to perform her new ep at a launch event in Northampton (Picturedrome 12/07)
I’ve been messing around with keyboards and drum machines for new Silent Committee nonsense.
I’ve mashed piano keys and been playing my wifes £4 guitar to try and write some proper tunes for Violet’s Gone.
I’ve remixed a song by an Indonesian electronica artist (due for release 14/07)
Me an Jon from To Bury A Ghost/The Holy Road have drank large amounts of coffee.

The biggest, and by far saddest, news…I have parted ways with The Snakeman 3. It’s been four fun years of garage rock mayhem but the band had reached a kind of natural end for me. They will carry on in a whole new lineup, taking on German music festivals and god knows what else. All the best to D’Agent Snakeman and the gang.

Outside of music; Josef and Becky continue to be wonderful. I try not to be too grumpy as I complete my exams for audiology. I must get back to writing my novel.

—– —– —– —– —–

Here are some session photos from my day in London recording ‘The Poet’ with Mike Goff.

20150409_104327 20150409_130901 20150409_130953  20150409_151136 20150409_151143 20150409_175521 20150409_175624 20150409_192214 20150409_194201

And heres the song we made!!!

—– —– —– —– —–

And some other misc photos from recent times


I played keyboard in Leicester for The Same Faces improv comedy group


I bought a new hat!

  IMG_20150327_225824 IMG_20150327_230059 IMG_20150510_211248 IMG_20150614_235335 IMG_20150615_133756