The Silent Committee, started out by accident. It began in 2005 after I purchased a 4-track tape recorder from MakeMusic in Kettering. I bought it to demo my acoustic singer-songwriter tunes (and did) but with the little bits of tape left at the end of side A I’d make up little melodies and loops using the on-board effects. They didn’t go anywhere they were just…noodling. But some of the tunes were nice and I’d begin messing around with them away from the recorder and at soundchecks etc.
By the summer of 2007 I’d heavily gotten into computer recording and decided to revisit some of those songs. The aim was to use mainly real instruments and manipulate them electronically (a kind of Eno-esque approach to things). I built on the tunes and they became bigger, fuller bodied instrumental pieces. They wouldn’t have fitted neatly alongside my acoustic stuff so I decided to branch off into another name. The Silent Committee was born.

After independantly releasing an ep and album I was approached by new net label BFW Recordings to release new material. As of 2014 new material is released independantly alongside the complate back catalogue on Bandcamp.

Release history:

March 2008 – rolig. EP released

August 2008 – The Missing debut album released

May 2009 – Regret single released through BFW Recordings

April 2010 – The Sea EP released

June 2010 – Staring At The Sea album released through BFW Recordings

June 2010 – The Silent Committee performs live for the 1st time

November 2010 – Ocean Rose remix album released

December 2010 – New song Snowfall appears on the BFW Christmas album

April 2011 – New song Inertia appears on The Seven Deadly Sins: Acedia compilation

June 2011 – Enclosed State, Distance, & Romance Is Dead Soundtracks retrospectively released

October 2011 – TSC remix of Revere As Radars Sleep appears on their self released set of remix eps

August 2012 – new song ‘Caffeine’ appears on BFW Recordings Album In A Day 5

August 2012 – new song ‘Plastic Symphony’ appears on Cheap And Plastic download compilation

May 2013 – new song ‘+tive’ written and recorded in a single day for BFW Recordings Album In A Day 6

March 2014 – new song ‘News From Nowhere’ written and recorded in a single day for BFW Recordings Album In A Day 8

November 2014 – zero. , the 3rd full length album is released as a download.

November 2019 – ‘Imperfect Machines’ EP is released as a download.

March 2020 – ‘A Living Sea of Waking Dreams’ is released as a download in conjunction with Piano Day 2020