In early 2011 I was approached by Jon Stolber of Northampton post-rock group To Bury A Ghost, to perform with the group. I’d already heard and owned the groups debut EP the Hurt Kingdom, and through twitter I’d had conversations with Jon about music and a mutual interest in audio equipment and guitar effects pedals emerged. There were plans to play a small tour in the spring which would also feature a performance alongside Leicester group Her Name Is Calla towards the end of their Quiet Lamb album tour. In order to recreate the massive sound of the ep they thought it best to include a 2nd guitarist in the lineup. We rehearsed for 3 months in various practice rooms in Bedford and Northampton before starting the tour. When we went live I played electric guitar, keyboard, glockenspiel and provided backing vocals.

During the rehearsal period we began writing a few new tracks, one of which was ‘Dancing With Epileptic’ which we later demoed and released briefly as a  free download. The band is currently a 3 piece following the departure of our drummer. To Bury A Ghost is currently working on a new ep project and writing new material.

*To Bury A Ghost officially disbanded in Autumn 2012. Jon continues to work on a new project called The Holy Road, with plans to release an ep in 2014, which will include some reworkings of the songs written and demoed as a live band. I continue to offer a pair of ears for recording and mixing and occasionally contribute guitar, keyboard. We may play live again at some point.

To Bury A Ghost were

Jon Stolber – Vocals, guitar, keys, glockenspiel, laptop, string arrangement

Chris Fordham – Guitar, keys, glockenspiel, string arrangement, backing vocals

Marc Bransgrove – Bass, backing vocals

Rupert – Drums