01 Front

Debut album out 03/07/2018

“I decided to call my solo band Violet’s Gone after watching Watership Down for the first time whilst at uni. Violet is the first rabbit to go. Her exit from the movie is sudden, unexpected and very moving as the other characters begin to understand what’s happened, and then there is the absolutely beautiful orchestral motif by Angela Morley that follows.

The idea of recording something more band orientated and less electronic has always appealed to me. I started writing songs for it in 2011, but for one reason or others the project has remained greatly unchanged since, gathering dust under a pile of unfinished books.

I’m now a father of two, and music has become important in that life change, both as a means of entertainment for the family and an enjoyable break for me also. The songs range in style and tone, mostly acoustic, some rocky bits, a little moody, some a little playful…who knows what you’ll get.

Towards the end of 2016 I was thinking more seriously of focusing on this, and as April of ’17 came around I was a free agent in musical terms so my attention is now directed.

Initail recording sessions of songs for this project began on June 19th 2016 at home. The aim is to finish the bulk of recording by the end of the year and to begin mixing and mastering in December, the outcome shall then hopefully be an album released early 2018 and some live performances to support it.

Formats for the album uncertain as yet, though it will likely be just download and CD-R initially. As of yet I’m not exploring crowdfunding for a release because I’m pretty sure I’m still just talking to myself, let me know otherwise if that’s not the case. Please!”

Chris Fordham 20/06/2017