I’m Chris Fordham, a thirty year old multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. I’m currently writing and recording my own songs and performing the occasional gig around the county as a solo artist. Alongside my songwriting I also produce experimental and instrumental music under the name ‘The Silent Committee’. The most recent project is named ‘Violet’s Gone’ and is releasing an album on 03/07/2018.

I have previously been involved in live performances and recording with the following bands:
Enki – bass, backing vocals, percussion (March 2009-August 2015)
To Bury A Ghost – guitar, keys, glockenspiel, backing vocals (February 2011-2012)
Jimtom Say? – drums, backing vocals (June 2011-2012)
The Snakeman 3 – bass, backing vocals (September 2011-March 2017)
Hannah Faulkner band – bass, backing vocals, guitar (2014-2016)

I also pop up as a session musician occasionally. I play bass, guitar, mandolin, harmonica, autoharp, banjo, piano & do basic drum & synth programming. Previous recording sessions include Bass for Dave Clemo, Doubleshot, Dan Higgins, Chris Browne, Wild Grace, & Sarah Turrell. Guitar for To Bury A Ghost. Violin for Kismet Hardy. Piano for Benjamin Johnson.

I have performed live with Enki, Doubleshot/The Alcoholics, Jefferson Kane Band, Texas Flood, Burning Codes, To Bury A Ghost, Jimtom Say, Sarah Turrell, Hannah Faulkner, Mr. Ghost, Grace Trabucchi band, The Snakeman 3.

In both 2012 and 2013 I composed and performed original music for the outdoor theatre summer season with long running Northampton troupe The Masque Theatre for their interpretations of ‘Arabian Nights’ (directed by Tamsyn Payne) and Shakespeare’s ‘All’s Well That End’s Well’ (directed by Ursula Wright).

I have also composed original music to score three short films. ‘Enclosed State’ & ‘Distance’, both directed by Nigel Fordham, and ‘Romance Is Dead’ by Katy Roberts.

My first piece of classical music was commisioned for and performed at Earls Barton music festival in 2011 – ‘Behind The Veil’.


For more info or just to say hi, please email me at – chrisfordhammusic@yahoo.co.uk