Chris Fordham – Time Between Us (2006) 
The Silent Committee – Rolig EP (2008)
The Silent Committee – The Missing (2008)Free Download
The Silent Committee – Regret (2009)Free Download
Chris Fordham – ‘Enclosed State’ Soundtrack (2009)Free Download
Enki – Home Recordings 2009 (2009) 
Chris Fordham – Took A Walk EP (2009)Free Download
Chris Fordham – Live @ Picadillys 22/05/2010 (2010)Free Download
The Silent Committee – The Sea (2010)Free Download
The Silent Committee – Staring At The Sea (2010)Free Download
Chris Fordham – ‘Distance’ soundtrack (2010)Free Download
Chris Fordham – Xylophone Bones (2010)Free Download
The Silent Committee – ‘Romance Is Dead’ soundtrack (2011)
The Silent Committee – ‘zero.’ (2014)01 front cover
The Snakeman 3 – ‘We’re Better Than You’ (2013)Better Than You
Violet’s Gone – Violet’s Gone (2018)
The Silent Committee – Imperfect Machines (2019)
The Silent Committee – A Living Sea of Waking Dreams (2020)
Violet’s Gone – Maybrain (2020)
Compilation Appearances
VA – Nexus Of Revolution (2009)Contributed the Silent Committee song ‘Regret’.Aalso features the track ‘Dichotomy Incarnate – Dark Nemesis’ (mastering). Album: Final Master.
VA – BFW Recordings: I Heard Something In The Distance Volume 1 (2009) Features the Silent Committee song ‘Regret’
VA – Dictaphonia Volume 4 (2009) Contributed the Silent Committee song ‘Long Way Down’**Micro-cassette only release.**
VA – The Method Learned II (2009) Contributed the Silent Committee song ‘A Vespers Lullaby’ – lyrics G.James Wyrick’ poem ‘Skin In 13’
VA – BFW Recordings: I Heard Something In The Distance Volume 2 (2009) Features the solo song ‘Took A Walk’
VA – Bezdna Radio Essentials 008 (2009) Features the Silent Committee song ‘Regret’
VA – Wounds Of The Earth Volume II (2010)Features the remix ‘Lucidstatic – Defiance (Silent Committee & Seraph remix)’ (remixer)
 VA – BFW Recordings: I Heard Something In The Distance Volume 4 (2010) Features the Silent Committee song ‘Rose’
VA – BFW Recordings: Album In A Day Volume 1: 28th August 2010 (2010) Contributed the solo song ‘Before Midnight’
VA – BFW Recordings: I Heard Something In The Distance Volume 5 (2010) Features the solo song ‘Before Midnight’
The Silent Committee – Ocean Rose (Staring At The Sea remixes) (2010) Remix album. All reworked versions of original compositions by Chris Fordham + performance on ‘Softly To Sleep’, ‘Staring At The Sea (Reprise), ‘Disappear (Live video)’. Album: Compilation & final master.
VA – The BFW Christmas Album 2010 (2010) Contributed the Silent Committee song ‘Snowfall’. Also contributed ‘Mr.Ghost – ‘The Contortionist’s Christmas’ (as co-writer, producer, mixer, master, all instruments, 2nd vocal)
VA – BFW Recordings: I Heard Something In The Distance Volume 7 (2011) Features the Silent Committee song ‘Snowfall’
VA – BFW Recordings: Album In A Day Volume 2: 19th March 2011  (2011) Contributed the solo song ‘Imprint’
VA – BFW Recordings: Album In A Day Volume 3: Contributed the solo song ‘No-man’s Land’
  VA – Seven Deadly Sins Compilation: Acedia (2011) Contributed the Silent Committee song ‘Inertia’

Other album credits

As Instrumentalist/Vocalist
            Dave Clemo – Covered (Album: Bass) 2007

            Doubleshot – Myspace Demo (6 songs: Bass) 2007

            The 5-2-800’s – Myspace songs (3 songs: ‘Survivors’, ‘Departed’, ‘Well Adjusted’: Bass, Guitar, Keyboard) 2008

            Chris Browne – 169 (Album: Bass, Keyboard) 2009/2010

            Wild Grace – Face The Music (Demo) (1 song: Bass) 2009

            Sarah Turrell – Summer Dreams(Album: Bass, Percussion) 2010

            Benjamin Johnson – In The City(1 song: Piano) 2011 – (11/01/2011)

            Paperclip Mammal – (Demo) (Lead Vocalist/lyricist)

As Technical
            Gutless Plump – Plum (Album: Engineer) 2008

            The 5-2-800’s – Abington/Eastbrook DJ Mixes (session Engineer) 2010-

            Gregg Cave/Enki/Kismet Hardy – Mad March Hare Session…Folk In The Afternoon 12/03/2011 – (Live sound recording engineer; mastering; editing) 2011 – (12-03-2011)

As Producer

(click on for clips of these)
            Thomas Nightingale – Holy Little Song (1 song roughly recorded @ a midnight session. Recording, mix, master, bongos, bass) 2009

            Vicky Stuart – Never Going Home Again (Uni project demo) (1 song: keyboards, string arrangment, engineer, mixing, mastering) 2009

            Mr Ghost – Dead Letter Office (Guitar, Banjo, keyboard, Programming, engineer, mixing, mastering) 2010

            Sarah Turrell – 2010 Demos (‘What You’ve Done To Me’: keyboard, engineer, mix, master; ‘Tonight’ music composition, all instruments, engineer, mix, master) 2010

            Chris Browne – Looking Forth (4 songs (‘Molly’ ‘Not In Service’ ‘Ghost Town’ ‘Lonely View’: producer, mix, master: bass, guitar, keyboards, drum programming, percussion, backing vocals) 2011

            Hannah Faulkner – Baby It’s Over Tonight (Demo) (1 song: engineer, mix, master, production, all instruments, backing vocals) 2011

            Kismet Hardy – EP (engineer; mix; master; production; additional percussion, mandolin, violin, cello, backing vocals) 2011

            Silver Stereo – EP (co-engineer; mix; master; production) 2011


            Dan Higgins – Cambridge Demo (4 songs: bass, bowed bass, lead guitar, keyboard) 2007

            Benny For Now – Rehearsal Tape (guitar, effects, backing vocals) 2008

            Leni Ward – Acoustic session (Recordings LOST!!) (Acoustic guitar, toy piano, zither ,backing vocals) 2008

            Left Hand Band – 13/07/2008 (Drum programming, fretless bass, guitar effects/swells, mix, master)

            Citizen Droid – ‘London’ (Unfinished demo) (Mix, master, keyboard, bass) 2010

            Stuart Folwell – White Ark Demo (Unfinished demo songs) (bass, bowed bass) 2010

            Paperclip Mammal – Demo (lead vocals/lyricist) 2010/2011

Remixes as The Silent Committee
Leni Ward (‘My Heart’)
Any Color Black (‘Touch Me’)
Virtual Terrorist (‘A New Dawn’)
Hatred Hurt Itself (‘What It Is To Breathe Smoke’)
Ketsa (‘Learned’)
Bing Satellites (‘Open’)
The Sunshine Factory (‘Smile’)
+NIN (‘The Warning’)
+Janes Addiction (‘Chip Away’)
Anthing (‘Speedbuster’)
Revere (‘As The Radars Sleep’)
Robyn Wilson (‘The Weaker Ones’)